About Us

Hello Stranger sits at the intersection of music, entertainment and technology.

We develop, plan and produce projects from inception to execution. We produce experiences and events, from the intimate to immense and everything in between.


We advise music and tech companies on strategic partnerships and creative collaborations. We help start-ups source funding, identify opportunities and position themselves for profitability; guiding them through launch, help craft brand strategies and point them to the right people at the right time


We executive produce music-focused entertainment, including feature-length documentaries and TV series.


In an industry driven by hype, Hello Stranger provides a reality check. Straight-talking, transparent and approachable, after twenty years on the frontline of the music business, we are also super-connected. We know the right people and excel at bringing like-minds together to create powerful alliances.

Companies we work with include:

Jammcard, the music professionals’ network, is home to many of the world’s most talented musicians, producers, song writers, and musical directors. The Jammcard app offers access to a global community of vetted music industry professionals for recordings, live gigs, custom sounds, mentorship and more.

Vita Motus is a multi-disciplinary design firm known for providing inspirational concepts, productions and installations to influential artists, festivals and brands. Its recently launched subsidiary, Vita Verse, specialises in virtual worlds and tech-driven immersive experiences.

Crowdmouth is for Musicians, Podcasters, YouTubers, and online Personalities are all looking for meaningful ways to connect directly with their fans. Crowdmouth amplifies content and builds direct-to-fan relationships.